Spacer Couplings

Spacer Couplings

Spacer Couplings

  • Flexible spacer tyre coupling for pump

Spcaer Tyre Coupling Taper Bush For Pump Coupling

  • The coupling provided a convenient method of rigidly connecting ends of shafts and fit with taper bush.
  • They have a male and female flange, the male flange can have the bush fitted from the hub side H or from the Flange side F, the female flange always has the bush fitting F. When connecting verticalshafts use assembly FF only.
  • End of one flange has a spacer part, it can be connected with tirecoupling
    Customized requirement is available.
  • Size: F40, F50, F60, F70, F80, F90, F100, F110, F120, F140

Flexible spacer tyre coupling specification for pumps


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