Tyre Couplings

Tyre Couplings

Tyre Couplings With Taper Bush And Flange

  •  The tire coupling has good shock absorption and buffering effect and the performance of compensating the deviation between axles. It is widely used in the occasions of impact vibration, variable forward and reverse rotation and frequent starting.
  • Complete models, a large number of stock, complete specifications.Support non-standard customization. Please contact us(sales@bearingscouplings.com). Various styles and complete types. Welcome to order!

High Quality Tyre Couplings

  • Material:Iron,Steel, Rubber
  • Process: Machined, Forged
  • Made up of 3 parts: Taper bush, flange, tireelement
  • Size: A40,A50,A60,A70,A80,A90,A100,A110,A120,A140,A160,A180,A200,A220,A250, and type”B”,”F”,”H”.
  • Working temp: -20℃-80℃
  • Transmission torque: 10-20000N.M
  • Axial misalignment: D*2%
  • Radial deviation: D*1%
  • Angular misalignment:3°-6°

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