Welding Hubs For Taper Bushes


Welding Hubs For Taper Bushes

Welding Hubs For Taper Bushes

Welding Hubs For Taper Bushes

Hub type:

  • Taper type W weld-on hubs
  • Taper type WH weld-on hubs
  • Taper type K weld-on hub
  • Taper type W-WA weld-on hubs
  • Taper type F weld-on hubs
  • Taper type S weld-on hubs

Material: Steel 20#, or Stainless steel
Surface treatment: Oil
Accept custom made hubs as per the drawing and request.

Taper Bore Weld-on-Hubs are made out of steel,drilled,tapped and taper bored to receive standard Taper Bushes. The extended flange provides a convenient means of welding hubs into fan rotors, steel pulleys. plate sprockets, impellers, agitators and many other devices which must be firmly fastened the shaft.

W K type taper bore weld-on hubs--china manufacturer (HUZHOU FANDA Machinery) Taper Bore Hub W25 W30 W35 WH16-1 WH20 WH25 Taper Bush Weld-on Hub--HUZHOU FANDA MACHINERY CO.,LTD  Weld on hub, usually match with taper bush, sprockets-HUZHOU FANDA MACHINERY CO.,LTD


Taper Lock Bush model as below:

European standard  TB type:  1008,1108,1210,1215,1310,1610,1615,2012,2517,2525,3020,3030,3535,4040,4545,5050,6050, 7060, 8060, 10085, 120100

American standard TB type: 

1008, 1108, 1210, 1215, 1610, 1615, 2012, 2517, 2525, 3020, 3030, 3535, 4040, 4545, 5050

American standard QD type:

JA, SH, SDS, SD, SK, SF, E, F, J, M, N, P

American standard STB type: 

G, H, P1, P2, P3, B, Q1, Q2, Q3, R1, R2, S1, S2, U0, U1, U2, W1, W2

American standard XTB type:

XTB15, XTB20, XTB25, XTB30, XTB35, XTB40, XTB45, XTB50, XTB60, XTB70, XTB80, XTB100, XTB120

Wheel hub: 

BF, SM, WH, WA, WM, W, H-QD, H-STB, HB, H-XT, K, S

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